When we were approached with the challenge to create and grow a self-sustaining brand for Whangarei, ideas flowed thick and fast.

The brief was to nurture the creation of a brand that would positively change the perception of Whangarei, for both residents and visitors. Whangarei : Love it Here has literally grown from the grassroots up, and we are looking forward to working with the community and key stakeholders to expand the brand beyond Whangarei.


Similar to the Whangarei : Love it Here strategy, the brand itself has been an organic, collective project.

We have provided guidance and strategic direction of the brand, whilst allowing both the Whangarei District Council and the community to take ownership of its development. We have taken baby steps in the deployment of the brand, which has taken on a life of its own and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Whangarei: Love it Here logo


The Whangarei District Council has embraced the Whangarei : Love it Here brand and has engaged us to design a full range of marketing collateral.

This has extended into interior design throughout Whangarei’s two visitor centres, and throughout key Whangarei locations, such as Toll Stadium.


Video is a key tool for the Whangarei District Council in marketing the district - the beaches, bush walks and friendly locals are second-to-none.

Video has been an excellent way to communicate the diversity and positivity of the diverse community that calls Whangarei home. What is apparent is that we all love it here, but often for different reasons, so having people tell their stories in their own words, and in their own place, is priceless.


Telling the story of Whangarei is a visual process, made easier by photography of the extraordinarily beautiful coastlines and pristine forests.

The challenge, when capturing Whangarei on film, is being limited to just a number of shots, because there are so many unique aspects to the district. The coastlines, the forests, the harbour, the artists, the boaties, the sports fans and the local colourful characters have all helped paint this picture in images.


Starting a conversation to find out what Whangarei means to people and why they ‘love it here’ has been a key aspect of the Whangarei : Love it Here strategy.

We have helped Whangarei District Council establish key channels of communication to ensure both locals and visitors to the region have an opportunity to share their opinions and give their stories a voice. The feedback, especially through social media, has been particularly positive, reinforcing that the brand, Whangarei : Love it Here, is much more than just a brand.

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