SeaLink were keen to refresh their brand with cleaner brand style and a more professional look and feel.

We worked with them to review the existing brand and then develop a fresh new style that retained the integrity of the existing brand, but fulfilled the brief of a sharper, cleaner, more professional feel. We’re now working with SeaLink on the roll out of the new brand across all marketing collateral and other slightly larger assets, like the boats!


Photography is an important element in promoting the key SeaLink destinations of Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island.

To achieve this, we’ve spent a fair amount of time on the islands, capturing the essence of these unique locations, as well as the faces and stories of the locals, and all the hidden gems off the beaten track that you only find when you’ve been there a week or more. This was a tough assignment, but I guess somebody had to do it!


Following a brand refresh, we worked with SeaLink to roll out the new look across a wide range of marketing collateral and advertising.

Updated material has included mainstream newspaper and magazine advertising, as well as a raft of brochureware highlighting SeaLink’s key packages, timetables and service offerings. Waiheke and Great Barrier content is distinguished by subtly different but unique brand styles.


Video is a great way to showcase the adventure that comes with a SeaLink journey to Waiheke Island or Great Barrier Island.

We’ve used video to demonstrate a SeaLink journey from start to finish, from the cruise across the Hauraki to Great Barrier, where the adventure really begins. Video offered the perfect way to showcase everything the island has to offer, and also gave us a chance to tell the story of Winter Vinecki, a remarkable young girl with a moving story.


With a goal to raising the profile of Great Barrier Island, SeaLink turned to us for a strategy that would reveal this unique gem to the world.

Online information was critical to raise the profile of Great Barrier Island and everything it has to offer, so pivotal to this strategy was a dedicated destination site for Great Barrier Island, promoting activities, accommodation and adventures for visitors. In addition, we are working on social media and online advertising as well as establishing dedicated island events.

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