Working with Refining NZ’s new brand, we added our creative flair to a range of documentation, featuring strong imagery and brand palette.

Refining NZ’s new brand provided an opportunity to extend the core brand style, in the redesign of existing documentation, including procedure documents and the company’s business magazine, The Point, which showcases business progress at Refining NZ as well as the stories of outstanding staff members.




Refining NZ is a constant hive of activity and we have been there to capture moments in history and stories that have changed lives.

We have worked with Refining NZ over a couple of years to capture the stories of their people, and their impact within the organisation as well as out in the community. We have also been there to document significant capital projects at the refinery, including the Point Forward Project and the Te Mahi Hou Project.


Refining NZ is a genuine hive of activity, being New Zealand’s only oil refinery, and we’ve enjoyed helping them tell their story.

Refining NZ has a very unique story to tell, as do its staff, many of whom have been with the company for several decades. We have enjoyed working with Refining NZ on a range of communication projects, including the company’s business magazine The Point, annual reports, health and safety initiatives, media releases and internal communication projects.

Refining NZ - The Point close up


We are helping to capture history with Refining NZ's $365 million expansion of its petrol making facilities, known as the Te Mahi Hou Project.

We began timelapsing in April, and to date have captured the removal of two storage tanks, foundation excavations and concrete works for the Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Platformer (CCR) unit, as well as the arrival of the new reactor. Due for completion in 2015, the project will lift the refinery’s capabilities up to around 80% of all New Zealand’s fuel needs.

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