After working with BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust for 9 years, we were delighted to work on the development of the new Kiwis for kiwi brand.

Kiwis for kiwi launched in early October as a fully independent charity with the vision of taking kiwis from ‘endangered to everywhere’. Working with an independently designed logo, we then developed the complete brand style and identity for the new look Kiwis for kiwi.

Web Development

Capturing the vast responsibilities and knowledge held by Kiwis for kiwi was an exciting challenge when building a strong online profile.

The end result is a website that is rich in information about kiwi conservation and has a wide range of resources available for schools, businesses and communities that want to get involved in saving our iconic namesake. The site also includes a secure login area for kiwi practitioners around the country to share information and knowledge about saving kiwi.

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Kiwis for kiwi website


With the goal of a national fundraiser to raise awareness and dollars, Kiwis for kiwi enlisted our help to develop the campaign, from the ground up.

Most Kiwis don’t realise that if nothing is done, we will lose kiwi from our forests in our lifetime. Save Kiwi Week is about sharing this critical message with New Zealand and giving Kiwis a chance to step up and help. The inaugural Save Kiwi Week was held in October 2013, with a bigger, better campaign planned for 2014.


Given Sir Graham Henry’s genuine passion when it comes to saving kiwi, getting him to pose in his birthday suit for the cause was easy.

Sir Graham was the perfect talent, accepting our quirky and sometimes challenging requests during the filming of the promotional video for the first ever Save Kiwi Week. The end result made it to TV and had excellent reviews online, helping to raise awareness of the plight of kiwi during Save Kiwi Week.


Capturing the cute factor is critical when it comes to kiwi - because nobody wants to see something this cute having to fight for its life.

Quality images add real value to any campaign or communication, and high quality photography has been a fundamental component of our work with kiwi over the past nine years. As well as capturing kiwi in their natural habitats, it has been equally as rewarding framing the faces of people who experience an up close kiwi encounter for the first time.


Communicating the goals of Kiwis for kiwi is sometimes challenging, because not everybody wants to hear that we could lose kiwi from our forests.

As a national charity, Kiwis for kiwi is constantly talking to potential sponsors, existing sponsors and supporters, kiwi practitioners, new donors, the media, patrons and ambassadors, the list goes on… We are delighted to support Kiwis for kiwi across a wide range of communication needs, including strategy, media, reporting, donor acquisition, campaign development and more.

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